In Hidden Warrior Yoga classes, we borrow from traditional yoga as well as contemporary exercise methods to create poses that promote strength and stability in the body while helping to minimize discomfort and movement dysfunction.


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Classes - Pluckemin Location

Classes are $20 dollars for a drop in, or a 10 class pack for $150. First Class is always complementary, so come check us out. No reservation necessary. 

Address: 271 US-202, Pluckemin, NJ 07978

Classes - Gillette Location

Classes are $20 dollars for a drop in, or a 10 class pack for $150. First Class is always complementary, so come check us out. No reservation necessary. 

Address: 630 Valley Rd. Gillette, NJ 07933

All classes held in Gillette are lead by Grant Clark

We are closed on Memorial Weekend May 26-28. Have a great Memorial Day!

Class Descriptions

Yoga for strength

A class focusing on holds and movement patterns. Yoga for strength mixes contemporary exercise techniques, Yoga Tune-Up® poses and traditional yoga poses to help you move with confidence in all directions.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga

A faster paced class bringing together movement and breath. Vinyasa Flow involves sequences of classical yoga poses that help you feel strong, flexible, and balanced. Perfect, for when you want to get the heart pumping.


Activate and Align

A class focusing on relieving aches and pains while restoring full body movement. Activate and Align uses self massage, breath, Yoga Tune-Up® techniques and novel exercises, to help improve balance, body awareness and flexibility.


Restorative/Yin Yoga

Relax, sit back and let go. Our Restorative yoga classes combines traditional restorative and yin yoga postures with guided meditation, to help you unwind your body and your mind.


Grant Clark

After I developed back problems at a young age playing tennis and other sports, I sought help and was introduced to the world of corrective and connective fitness. After relieving myself of back pain, I became a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor to help and share with others what I learned from my experience. My qualifications include an American Council of Exercise (ACE) personal trainer certification, a 500-hour Yoga Alliance teacher certification and a Functional Movement Screen certification from physical therapist Gray Cook. I am also Yoga Tune-Up® certified and include their techniques in all of my classes. 

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Kasey Smith

A lifelong interest in philosophy and personal struggles with anxiety led me to seek what I found in the yogic path. I received my 200 hour yoga alliance certification in 2016 and have since specialized in restorative yoga. I feel everyone can benefit from the body and mental freedom offered by yoga and meditation.  

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Clients can receive complimentary flashcard kits that will be easily downloadable as PDFs to a computer or phone for reference during a daily fitness routine.

These change as the client progresses and are tailored to strengthen the areas the client needs the most to achieve maximum balance and strength.